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BAA Heathrow; Terminal One, Terminal Two, Terminal Three

ID No: 24

Production Company: Marshall Lightfoot

Production Date: 2003-11-06

Duration: 00:34:23

Check in, baggage re-claim, security, fire and aircraft flying

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Check in Self check-in
Control Tower Spinning - radar
Control Tower Aircraft in-flight - control tower
Terminal 1 Signage Terminal 1 - sign
Terminal 2 Signage Terminal 2 - sign
Control Tower Static - control tower
Terminal 1 Signage Terminal 1 - sign
Transport Cars
Baggage Baggage re-claim - luggage
Signage Nothing to declare
Interior view
Security Police with machine guns - airport workers
Signage Arrivals - people - sign
Signage Welcome to Terminal 1 - sign
Security X-ray and metal detectors - security
Security Search - secrutiy
Security Chemical analysis performed - security
Exterior View Sunset over airport - environment
Emergency Services Fire Engine
Emergency Services Practice plane for the fire training
Aircraft Taking off - Take-off and landing - aircraft - action
Aircraft Planes queuing to land/landing
Check in Self Check-In - arrivals and departures
Baggage Baggage Trolleys - luggage