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We're here to help. Please select one of the links below for help & advice on using Heathrow Video Library.


How do I search for footage?

Using the "Find my video" box

You can use any combination of Keywords, Airport and / or Production Date to search for the videos you need. When you've selected the search criteria you want, simply click "Search". Your search criteria will remain on the left as you browse. If you would like to alter the search criteria, you can click "Reset"

By keyword

To search by keyword , simply type one or more words that are most relevant to what you are looking for in the “Find My Video” box. To select multiple words, put a space in between them. 

By category

If you are struggling to think of the right keyword, you can generate a broader search by using the categories. Select one of the categories from the drop down menu  to search using this criteria. You can still select other crtieria including keywords at the same time.

By airport or Corporate

To search by airport , click on the airport dropdown menu and select your chosen airport.Alternatively, you can tick the box next to Corporate for non-airport specific footage. 

By production date

If you want to specify a time period, choose a start date and end date to your search from the drop down menus. 

Can't find what you are looking for?

Please contact Heathrow Video Library to discuss your requirements. If no footage is available, you can commission footage from one of Heathrow's suppliers.

How do I order a video?

On the page of your chosen video, click the basket icon to add the video to your basket. You can continue to add videos to your basket; they will appear on the right-hand side. To checkout, just click the checkout button under the items in your basket.  The video library will then contact you within 24 hours to discuss your video requirements and to make sure that we locate the best possible footage for your needs. We can even create a semi-custom video combining your requested footage. Office hours are between 9.00am to 5.00pm - Monday to Friday.

Please note that Heathrow employees who request video footage are normally not charged for duplication.

How can I see the latest footage?

Check out the "What's new" box on the right-hand side to see the latest footage available.

What should I do if I'm experiencing technical problems?

If you are from Heathrow, in the first instance please call the Heathrow IT helpdesk on 0208 745 5355. They will check if the problem is your PC or the video library.

If you are a third party user, or if the problem is specific to the library functionality, please contact our dedicated helpline on 01306 778 993 .

My footage doesn't exist. How do I book a shoot?

In the first instance, please contact Heathrow Video Library to make sure we do not have footage. If we still do not have what you are looking for, you can book a shoot from one of Heathrow's rostered agencies. Rostered agencies have permanent airside passes and are experienced at filming in the airport environment.

Whoops - it's still images I'm after.

For still images please visit Heathrow Photo Library, a rights-managed library specialising in airport and aviation photography.

I would like to learn more about copyright.

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I'm from Heathrow and would like to learn more about copyright.

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