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Perth Airport

ID No: 152

Production Company: Marshall Lightfoot

Production Date: 2003-10-22

Duration: 00:03:37

Perth airport - people, retail, signs, aircraft

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Perth Perth Terminal
Perth Signage Information Sign - general and retail
Perth Transport Car Parking Garage - transport
Perth Transport Parking Ticket Machine
Perth People People Walking - action
Perth Retail Duty Free - Food - retail
Perth Retail Wine Bar - retail
Perth Arrivals & Departures Seating Area - arrivals and departures
Perth Retail Tie Rack - retail
Perth Retail Travelex - retail
Perth Signage Directional Signs
Perth Retail Newslink - retail
Perth Retail Virgin Music - retail
Perth Retail Dome Restaurant - retail
Perth Retail Burger King retail
Perth Arrivals & Departures Departure Gate - arrivals and departures
Perth Arrivals & Departures Departure Lounge - arrivals and departures
Perth Aircraft Plane Wing - aircraft
Perth Aircraft Plane Taxiing - Aircraft
Perth Retail Till Point - retail
Perth Retail Shopping Collection - retail
Perth Arrivals & Departures Arrivals Hall - arrivals and departures
Perth Arrivals & Departures Arrivals Screen - arrivals and departures
Perth Aircraft Planes Parked - aircraft
Perth Aircraft Plane Taking Off - take off and landing