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AMA November - Richard Petrie Presentation

ID No: 157

Production Company: Marshall Lightfoot

Production Date: 2004-10-06

Duration: 00:06:13

Lots of construction footage - Former BAA Airport Pier Six walkway, control tower. Former BAA Airport & Glasgow airport.

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Former BAA Airport Airfield
Former BAA Airport Signage Information Sign
Former BAA Airport Transport Car Parking Garage - general
Former BAA Airport Covered Entrance Way
Former BAA Airport Terminal - Airport
Former BAA Airport Covered Walkway
Former BAA Airport Former BAA Airport Airport
Former BAA Airport Transport Lifts - airport - transport
Former BAA Airport Transport Car Parking Garage
Former BAA Airport Control Tower Control Tower
Former BAA Airport Construction Runway Excavation - construction
Former BAA Airport Aircraft Plane Landing -aircraft - action
Former BAA Airport Airside Ops Airside - airport - action
Glasgow Signage Welcome To Glasgow Airport
Glasgow Glasgow Terminal
Glasgow Signage Information Sign
Glasgow Baggage Trolley
Glasgow Signage Check In Screens
Glasgow Check in Checking In - arrivals and departures
Glasgow Baggage Luggage On Conveyor Belt - arrivals and departures
Glasgow Aircraft Plane Taxiing - Aircraft
Glasgow Control Tower Construction - Control Tower
Glasgow Aircraft Planes Parked - aircraft
Glasgow Construction Construction Workers
Glasgow Construction Building Pier 6
Glasgow Construction Interior Of Construction Area
Glasgow Construction Pier 6 Walkway
Glasgow Construction Construction Scaffolding
Glasgow Aircraft Plane Landing -aircraft - action
Glasgow Construction Crane Lifting Block - construction
Glasgow Construction Truck - construction
Glasgow Aircraft Plane Taxiing - Aircraft
Glasgow Construction Plane - construction