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BAA Airport People - 1996 Corporate Video (Featuring members of Staff)

ID No: 218

Production Company: Smith and Watson

Production Date: 1996-01-01

Duration: 00:06:40

Overview of airport workers from all departments, (UK & USA), giving reasons why they enjoy working there. BAA corporate.

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Arrivals & Departures Baggage Hall - arrivals and departures
Arrivals & Departures Carousel - arrivals and departures
Aircraft Undercarriage - aircraft
Aircraft British Airways landing - aircraft
Aircraft Wheels landing - aircraft
People Airport workers
Arrivals & Departures Departure Lounge - Airport
Runway Runway - Airport
Transport Patrol Car - transport
Control Tower Air traffic Control - Screens
Runway Runway at night - Airport
Signage Departure Screen
Baggage Trolleys
Transport Lifts - transport
Signage Airport Information - signs
Signage Underground - signs
Transport Tube - transport
Transport Platform
Retail Pittsburgh Airport Restaurants - retail
Retail Duty Free
People Firemen - airports workers
Transport Fire Engine - transport
Aircraft Olympic Landing - aircraft
Aircraft Virgin Airlines taxiing - aircraft
Aircraft Nigeria Airlines Landing - aircraft
People Security Officers - airport workers
Security Security Scanner
Baggage Luggage being scanned
People Policeman (USA) - airport workers
Signage Road signs to Airport (USA)
People Firemen (USA) - airport workers
Transport Fire Engine (USA) - transport
Arrivals & Departures Former BAA Airport South Departure Lounge - airport
Aircraft Taking off in Sunset - taking-off and landing
BAA Proud of our performance