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BAA - Airport People (Italian)

ID No: 219

Production Company: Smith and Watson

Production Date: 1996-01-01

Duration: 00:06:40

Overview of airport workers from all depts. (UK & USA) giving reasons they enjoy working there. Italian subtitled

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
BAA Corporate Airside Ops Shots of airside operations in a sunset setting
BAA Corporate Aircraft Montage of aircrafts landing & taking-off
Former BAA Airport Shot of the escalators at Former BAA Airport - transport
BAA Corporate People Shots of BAA staff
BAA Corporate Maintenance Shots of security and maintenance workers at an airport
BAA Corporate Maintenance A maintenance vehicle drives down the centre of a sunset runway
BAA Corporate Runway Shot from an aircraft of the runway at night on its ground approach
BAA Corporate People Timelapse as passengers
BAA Corporate Signage Departure boards - signage
BAA Corporate Maintenance Shot of BAA trolley workers replenishing the empty trolley bay - maintenance
BAA Corporate Transport Shot of the tube station and doors closing on the tube carrage - transport
Pittsburgh Security Shot of a security guard assisting a passenger
BAA Corporate Security Shot of the BAA fire service in action putting out a fire - security
BAA Corporate Security Images of procedures passengers do as they walk through the metal detector - security
BAA Corporate Security Shot of the x-ray machine monitors - security
Indianapolis Arrivals & Departures Montage of images from Indianapolis Airport - arrivals and departures