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ACI Stand Video (Loop with Captions)

ID No: 224

Production Company: Marshall Lightfoot

Production Date: 2002-02-18

Duration: 00:59:20

A tour of Pittsburgh amd Indianapolis International Airports with screen text throughout. (On a ten minute loop)

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
World Spinning With BAA Logo - Animated sequence
Airport Terminal
Exterior View Airport Forecourt
Arrivals & Departures Passengers Walking To Departure Gate - arrivals and departures
Retail Airport Fitness Gym - Retail
Arrivals & Departures Departure Gate
Retail Food Court - Retail
Retail Victoria's Secret - retail
Retail Sharp Lager Bar - retail
Retail O'Brien's Grill And Pub - retail
Retail Make Up Pallet - retail
Retail Bally - retail
Retail Mappini & Webb - retail
Retail MAC Shop - retail
Retail Boss Shop - retail
Exterior View Architecture - Fountain
Arrivals & Departures Stair Case
Transport Car park
Pitsburgh International Airport - screent ext
Retail Retail outlets - retail
Signage Victoria's Secret - sign
Indianapolis Airport
American flag in breeze - flag
Airport and car park
Transport Car parking machine
People Man exiting car park at barriers - take-off and landing
Aircraft Plane landing - take-off and landing
Food And Beverage - Screen text
Bureau de Change - screen text
Car Parking - Screen text
Transport Multistory car park
Car Rental - screen text
Tax Free Shops - screen text
World Duty Free - screen text