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BAA Napoli Airport

ID No: 226

Production Company: Marshall Lightfoot

Production Date: 2000-11-13

Duration: 00:08:49

This is an interview on Naples airport, with the audio interview playing over visual shots of the airport.

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
BAA Corporate Interview Interview With Sandy - Naples Airport - BAA Management
BAA Corporate Arrivals & Departures Glass Door Opening - Airport
BAA Corporate Check in Check In Area - Arrivals and departures
BAA Corporate Transport Passengers Getting Off Bus - transport
BAA Corporate Signage Illuminated Welcome Sign
BAA Corporate Signage Directional Sign
BAA Corporate Retail Sole & Vista - Retail
BAA Corporate Retail Interior Of Sunglasses Hut - Retail
BAA Corporate Retail Naples Mania - Retail
BAA Corporate Retail Retail Worker At Till Point - People - Retail
BAA Corporate Aircraft Alitalia Plane Parked On Runway - Aircraft
BAA Corporate Transport Construction - transport
BAA Corporate Arrivals & Departures Passengers checking in - arrivals and departures
BAA Corporate Arrivals & Departures Passengers arriving at the airport
BAA Corporate Transport Car Parks - transport