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Glasgow and Aberdeen Airports

ID No: 238

Production Company: Marshall Lightfoot

Production Date: 2004-04-06

Duration: 00:12:57

Introduction to Glasgow and Aberdeen airports, showing parking, building and retail outlets

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Former BAA Airport Former BAA Airport terminal - Architecture
Former BAA Airport Transport Car park - Airport
Former BAA Airport Check in Checking in - Airport
Former BAA Airport Arrivals & Departures Departure lounge - Retail
Former BAA Airport Retail Restaurant -Retail
Former BAA Airport Retail Car rental kiosks - Retail
Glasgow Glasgow terminal - Architecture
Glasgow Transport Multistory car park - Aiport
Glasgow Retail Bar - Retail
Glasgow Aircraft Plane at gate - Airport
Aberdeen Aberdeen terminal - Architecture
Aberdeen Check in Check in - Airport
Aberdeen Aircraft Plane taking off - Airport