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Welcoming the Airbus A380 at Heathrow

ID No: 251

Production Company: Marshall Lightfoot

Production Date: 2006-01-01

Duration: 00:05:00

PPT presentation of the A380 with commentary about preparations and Pier Six. Includes interviews.

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Heathrow Aircraft Airbus A380 lands at Heathrow - taking-off and landing
Heathrow Aircraft A380 taxiing on runway - aircraft
Heathrow People Press at Pier 6 awaiting the arrival of the Airbus A380
Heathrow Aircraft A380 taxiing to Pier 6 - aircraft
Heathrow People Gordon Brown addresses the press, welcoming the A380 and officially opens Pier 6
Heathrow Montage of internal images of Heathrows, Pier 6
Heathrow Transport Travelator in Pier 6 - transport
Heathrow Arrivals & Departures Departure lounge in Pier 6
Heathrow Aircraft Singapore Airlines at Pier 6 - aircraft
Heathrow Aircraft American Airlines 747 taxiing on runway - Aircraft
Heathrow Signage Directional Signage
Heathrow Interview Mick Temple-Divisional Managing Director, BAA - interview
Heathrow Interview Tony Douglas-Managing Director Heathrow Airport - Interview
Heathrow Interview Sarah Judge-Pier 6 Project Leader - Interview
Heathrow Control Tower Close-up of Heathrow Control Tower
Heathrow Aircraft A380 Taxi's away from Pier 6 - Aircraft
Heathrow Aircraft A380 Taxi's away from Pier 6 - Aircraft
Heathrow Aircraft A380 taxi's on runway in preparation for take-off - Aircraft
Heathrow Aircraft A380 taking-off from Heathrow - Take off and landing