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Scottish Airports

ID No: 257

Production Company: Marshall Lightfoot

Production Date: 2006-08-25

Duration: 00:06:30

Starts with Gavin Mckechnie interview about general figures on airports and then goes into detail about each airport. Includes airports footage.

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Interview Gavin McKechnie-Retail Director, Scottish Airports - interview
Glasgow Interview Exterior shots of Glasgow Airport - Arrivals and Departures
Glasgow Check in Interior shots of Glasgow check-in facility - Check-in
Glasgow Arrivals & Departures Emirates Airline landing at Glasgow - Taking-off and landing
Former BAA Airport Aerial View Former BAA Airport Airport - Aerial View
Former BAA Airport Arrivals & Departures Interior shots ofFormer BAA Airport - Arrivals and Departures
Aberdeen Arrivals & Departures Exterior shots of Aberdeen Airport - Arrivals amd departures
Aberdeen Arrivals & Departures Aberdeen Airports check-in desk - Check-in
Aberdeen Retail Retail montage available at Aberdeen Airport
Former BAA Airport Arrivals & Departures Exterior shots ofFormer BAA Airport - Arrivals and departures
Former BAA Airport Construction Images of the new Former BAA Airport multi-storey car parks - Construction
Former BAA Airport Retail Tracking shots ofFormer BAA Airports retail space
Former BAA Airport Retail Food & Beverage available atFormer BAA Airport - Retail
Glasgow Signage Exterior signage for Glasgow Airport
Glasgow Retail Images of retail available at Glasgow Airport
Glasgow Retail World Duty Free walkthrough - retail
Aerial View Aerial View of all Scottish BAA airports