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BAA Heathrow Terminal Five Master - HATCT edit for Carl Devin

ID No: 273

Production Company: Tandem TV

Production Date: 2006-07-14

Duration: 00:06:00

Moving of the Heathrow Control Tower set to classical music

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Heathrow Construction Control Tower construction - Timelapse
Heathrow Interview Peter Czwartes-Production Leader - interview
Heathrow Control Tower Control Tower being transported at night
Heathrow Construction Workers cheer at successful transportation of control tower - Construction
Heathrow Interview Nick Featherstone-Project Leader - Interview
Heathrow Interview Richard Payne-Development Manager- Interview
Heathrow Control Tower Control Tower transportation at night - Timelapse
Heathrow Aircraft Day breaks and aircrafts land at Heathrow in sight of the control tower - Timelapse
Heathrow Control Tower Control tower is raised into position - Timelapse
Heathrow Aerial View Control Tower & Heathrow airport - Aerial View
Heathrow Interview Graham Moore-Handover Completion Manager - Interview
Heathrow Interview Ian Whillie-NATS Engineer - interview
Heathrow Control Tower Montage of control tower construction
Heathrow Terminal 5 Interview Andrew Wolstenholme-Projects Director T5 - interview
Heathrow Aircraft Airbus A380 passes control tower - Aircraft
Heathrow Terminal 5 Aerial View Control Tower & Terminal 5 construction site - Aerial view