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New Broom Project

ID No: 286

Production Company: TMB

Production Date: 2005-08-01

Duration: 00:11:00

Video outlining the background and reasoning of the New Broom Project

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Aircraft BA 747 Taking-off - Taking-off and landing
Aircraft Air New Zealand taxiing - Aircraft
Former BAA airport Passengers board BA 747 - Arrival and departures
BAA Corporate Interview New Broom Sponsor, Duncan Garrood - interview
Former BAA airport Arrivals - Arrivals and Departures
Former BAA airport Check in Check-in - Arrivals and Departures
Former BAA airport BAA cleaners - Maintenance
BAA Corporate Interview Duncan Garrood - Interview
BAA Corporate Interview Greg Ward - Engineering General Manager - Interview
BAA Corporate Interview Andrew Robson - Maintenance Contract Manager - Interview
Airside Ops Aircraft re-fuelling - Airside operations
BAA Corporate Interview John L'Bell - T3 Facility Manager - interview
BAA Corporate Interview Josie Golds - interview
BAA Corporate Interview Colin Kennedy - Contract Support Manager - interview
Airside Ops Maintenance works and airside operations
BAA Corporate Interview Duncan Garrood - New Broom Project Sponsor - Interview
BAA Corporate New Broom Project - Animation