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BAA Aberdeen - Check-in, Arrivals, Departures and Travel Exchange

ID No: 33

Production Company: Marshall Lightfoot

Production Date: 2003-11-13

Duration: 00:34:20

Signage, construction. Airline workers and Aircraft action

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Aircraft Disembarking from AerLingus - airport - action
People Boarding plane - airport workers
Aircraft Take-off - take-off and landing - aircraft - actioh
Transport Fuel tanker - transport - work vehicle
Emergency Services Emergency Vehicles - transport - work vehicles
People Removing luggage - airport workers
Aircraft Disembarking - aircraft - action
Control Tower Airfield ops tower / control tower
Aircraft BMI plane parking - airport - action
Signage Way finding - signs
Signage Departure gates - way finding - signs
Retail Foreign Exchange - retail
Retail Alcohol - retail
Retail Dixons - retail
Retail Austin Reed - retail
Retail Bar - retail
Signage Departure screens
People Former BAA Airport Airport workers
People Check-in staff - airport workers
Signage Check-in and information screens
Construction Crane - construction
Construction Construction workers
Transport Taxi Rank - transport
Emergency Services Traffic Wardens - people - emergency services
Signage Check-in entrance - sign
Arrivals & Departures Tourist information desk
Retail Foreign Exchange Counter - retail
Arrivals & Departures Self-service check-in machine - arrivals and departures
Arrivals & Departures Queuing
Signage Departure screens
Retail ATM transaction - retail
Arrivals & Departures Queuing for departures - people - action
Retail Restaurant - retail
People Checking boarding passes - airline worker