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BAA Stansted - Exterior, Interior and Airside

ID No: 40

Production Company: Marshall Lightfoot

Production Date: 2003-11-28

Duration: 00:31:58

Interior and exterior images of Stansted Airport

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Transport Pick up - transport
Signage Parking signs
Transport Coach - transport - passengers
Exterior View Terminal Exterior View
Arrivals & Departures Revolving door
Transport Traffic - transport - road
Signage Emergency exit - signs
Signage Wayfinding signs
Maintenance Airport worker - cleaner
Transport Escalator - walkways
Retail Car rental desk - retail
Transport Elevators - walkway
Arrivals & Departures Windows
Arrivals & Departures Seating - arrivals and departures
Signage Departure screens
Signage Lavatory signs
Transport Bus passengers -transport
Maintenance Aircraft maintenance - aircraft action
Aircraft Thomas Cook aircraft - airlines
Aircraft Take-off and landing - aircraft - action
Aircraft Landing - take-off and landing - aircraft action
Aircraft Exhaust fumes - aircraft - parts
Control Tower Former BAA Airport control tower - building / apparatus
Runway Landing / runway lights - airfield
Aircraft Executive jet - aircraft - type
Control Tower Radar
Health & Safety Fire training simulator - fire