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BAA Staff Communications & Colin Hargrave Opening

ID No: 54

Production Company: Marshall Lightfoot

Production Date: 2005-06-19

Duration: 00:05:34

Airports in the UK - interior and exterior footage from shops to runways

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Arrivals & Departures Departure Lounge - arrivals and departures
Pier 6 Bridge - Former BAA Airport
Pier 6 Bridge - Former BAA Airport
Signage Welcome Sign - Former BAA Airport
Transport Parking Building - car parking
Control Tower Control Tower
Retail Seating Area - retail
Signage Illuminated Signs
Signage Departure Screens
Retail People Queuing - retail
Retail Food - retail
Signage Departure Signs
Retail Gucci - retail
Retail Promotional Area - retail
People People Pushing Trolley - actions
Transport Car Park - transport
Transport Parking Building - car parking
Terminal Building
Signage Retail Sign
Arrivals & Departures Architecture - Ceiling
Check in Check In Desks
Signage Information Screen
Retail World Duty Free Sign - retail
Transport Car Park - transport
Arrivals & Departures Seating Area - arrivals and departures
Signage Tax Free Signs
Retail Kurt Geiger - retail
Retail The Body Shop - retail
Aircraft Plane Taking Off - aircraft - action
People Escalator - people - action
Runway Runway From Bridge - airport - airfied