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AMA Leadership Event

ID No: 559

Production Company: TMB Marketing & Communications

Production Date: 2003-05-13

Duration: 00:05:10

Conference video sting featuring heroic images and victories against various degrees of conflicts. Video used to introduce the AMA Leadership Conference

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
BAA Corporate People Team Work
BAA Corporate Media Coverage Hunger & poverty in Africa
BAA Corporate Media Coverage Red Nose Day
BAA Corporate Destination Millenium new year celebration
BAA Corporate Destination Initial concept sketches for the Millenium Wheel
BAA Corporate Destination Construction of the Millenium Wheel
BAA Corporate Destination Timelapse of Millenium Wheel being raised
BAA Corporate People General public
BAA Corporate Media Coverage Nazi Germany and its Leader & supporters
BAA Corporate Media Coverage Britain fighting in WWII
BAA Corporate Media Coverage Inspirational speech by Winston Churchill
BAA Corporate Conference & Events Animation - 'Welcome to the Leadership in AMA Event 2003'