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Colin Hargrave Presentation

ID No: 566

Production Company: Marshall Lightfoot Plc

Production Date: 2004-11-25

Duration: 00:04:04

Musical montage of car parking, retail and food & beverage available at BAA airports

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Former BAA Airport Arrivals & Departures Arrivals & Departures atFormer BAA Airport
Transport Transport - Multistorey car park
Transport Arrivals & Departures - Car parks and trollies
Signage Car park signage
Transport Transport - Car park entry and barrier passing
Transport Courtesy coach
Aerial View Aerial View of Car park
Transport Courtesy coach
Retail Retail
Arrivals & Departures Departure boards
Retail World Duty Free
Signage Signage from World Duty Free
Retail Retail - BMW F1 Williams promotion
Retail Retail - Athens Olympic - VISA competition
Aerial View Aerial View of Airports and food & beverage
Former BAA airport Aerial View Aerial Veiw of Former BAA Airport
Former BAA airport Retail & food and drink