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BAA UK Airports Car Parking

ID No: 590

Production Company: Marshall Lightfoot Plc

Production Date: 2004-07-07

Duration: 00:07:30

Short documentary looking at the car parking facilities at all British based BAA Airports

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Heathrow Signage Montage of car parking/signage
Heathrow Transport Aerial view Multistorey car park
Heathrow Interview Colin Hargraves-Managing Director, UK Airport Retail - Interview
Heathrow Interview Ronnie Waddell-Travel Services & Strategic Projects Director - Interview
Former BAA airport Images of Former BAA Airport Parking Facilities/Signage/Coaches
Former BAA airport Colin Hargraves discusses developing a sustainable car parking policy
Former BAA airport Ronnie Waddell discusses individual airports have strategies that reflect their size
Southampton Transport Coaches/images of car parking facilities - transport
Southampton Aerial View Aerial view - Car park
Glasgow Transport Aerial View - Multistorey Car Park
Aberdeen Transport Images of Aberdeen car parking facilities
Aberdeen Interview Colin Hargraves discusses car parks as a business
Former BAA Airport Transport Car park montage
Former BAA Airport Control Tower Control Tower overlooking car parking facilities
Former BAA Airport Signage Car parks and coaches/signage