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BAA T5 Master - Quality Workshop

ID No: 596

Production Company: Tandem TV

Production Date: 2005-11-01

Duration: 00:11:53

Insight into Terminal 5's attention to detail in the finish, with interviews and construction footage documenting terminal 5's construction into an iconic London landmark

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Heathrow Aircraft BA Concorde aircraft
Heathrow Interview Colin Clarkson - Project Director - interview
Heathrow Aircraft 3D Animation of a flying BA concorde - aircraft
Heathrow Aircraft BA Concorde last landing at Heathrow
Heathrow Terminal 5 Construction Timelapse construction of Terminal 5
Heathrow Terminal 5 Aerial View Aerial View 3D animation of finished Terminal 5
Heathrow Interview Mike Clasper - Chief Executive - Interview
Heathrow Terminal 5 3D model of the interior of the finished Terminal 5
Heathrow Interview Tony Douglas - Managing Director of T5 Program - interview
Heathrow Terminal 5 Transport 3D model of the working escalators in Terminal 5
Heathrow Interview Chris Millard - Head of Engineering - interview
Heathrow Terminal 5 Construction Construction workers working on T5
Heathrow Interview David Long - Head of Quality - Interview
Heathrow Construction Construction workers, Night working, Day working
Heathrow Control Tower Timelapse photography of the Control Tower moving into position
Heathrow Interview Martin Quaid - Production Leader - Interview
Heathrow Images of working technology in T5
Heathrow Terminal 5 Construction T5 construction - aerial view
Heathrow Construction Images of construction workers attention to detail
Heathrow Terminal 5 Construction Terminal 5 at night - construction
Heathrow Interview Mike Clasper - Chief Executive - Interview