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BAA T5 (Master) - A Flying Start

ID No: 599

Production Company: Tandem TV

Production Date: 2004-05-01

Duration: 00:15:00

Documenting the scale of the T5 project and the flying start the contractors have made to the construction

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Heathrow Interview Andrew Wolstenholme - Project Director - Interview
Heathrow Construction Construction workers and machinery
Heathrow Aircraft BA 747 aircraft
Heathrow Construction Aerial view Terminal 5 construction
Heathrow Interview Tarek Hosein - Site Project Leader
Heathrow Terminal 5 Construction Terminal 5 construction - timelapse
Heathrow Terminal 5 Construction Lifting the roof onto Terminal 5
Heathrow Interview Martin Wood - Production Leader - timelapse
Heathrow Construction Timelapse of Construction, Aerial view of Terminal 5
Heathrow Interview Gareth Lewis - Production Leader - Interview
Heathrow Interview Phil Wilbraham - Project Leader - Interview
Heathrow Twin river diversion
Heathrow Terminal 5 Construction Terminal 5 construction - aerial view
Heathrow Transport Coonstruction of Piccadilly Express tunnel
Heathrow Interview Dave Ellis - Section Loader - interview
Heathrow Interview Tony Douglas - interview
Heathrow Health & Safety Safety
Heathrow Health & Safety Heath & safety
Heathrow Interview Jonathan Adams - T5 Charity Chairman - interview