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BAA T5 Master - Breakthrough Campaign Q1

ID No: 602

Production Company: Tandem TV

Production Date: 2005-06-22

Duration: 00:13:52

A documentary discussing the terminal 5 build featuring timelapse and aerial views. Also included is an insight into the breakthrough BAA employee workshops

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Heathrow Terminal 5 Aerial View Aerial view
BAA Corporate Conference & Events Speaker discusses Terminal 5 deadlines - conference and events
BAA Corporate Construction Discussing the forecasted budget after the terminal 5 build
Heathrow Terminal 5 Aerial View Aerial view
Heathrow Terminal 5 Construction Timelapse photography of the interior construction of terminal 5
BAA Corporate Conference & Events Discussing the breakthrough workshop, workers involve in a team building exercise - conference
Heathrow Terminal 5 Construction Terminal 5 construction - aerial view