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BAA Library Footage

ID No: 608

Production Company: Evolutions

Production Date: 2005-01-01

Duration: 00:33:13

BAA Library footage showing the final Concorde landing and take-off. Further library footage of BAA Heathrow, Stansted & Former BAA Airport

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Aircraft Concorde final landing (BA)
Aircraft Concorde at night taking-off
Heathrow Signage Signage - terminals
Heathrow Aerial View Aerial Views Heathrow
Heathrow Aerial View Aerial view BA 747
Heathrow Aircraft American Airlines 747 - aircraft
Heathrow Aircraft BA Taking-off and landing - BA747
Heathrow Emergency Services Fire truck airside
Heathrow Aircraft Virgin Atlantic aircraft
Heathrow Runway Runway at sunset - airside operations
Heathrow Aircraft Aircraft taking-off at night
Heathrow Aircraft Moonlit aircraft
Heathrow Signage Signage, check-in, baggage
Heathrow Security Airport security
Heathrow Retail Retail shops, passengers
Heathrow Signage Signage for gates
Heathrow Signage Signage - Arrivals & departures
Heathrow Baggage Baggage carousel
Heathrow Transport Heathrow Express - transport
Former BAA Airport Aerial View Aerial views of airport
Former BAA Airport Aircraft Ryanair aircraft taking-off
Former BAA Airport Aircraft EasyJet aircraft
Former BAA Airport Aircraft Ryanair aircraft
Former BAA Airport Baggage EasyJet baggage handling - airside
Former BAA Airport Aircraft Aircraft refuelling
Former BAA Airport Signage Signage: gates, check-in, baggage reclaim
Former BAA Airport Check in Check-in
Former BAA Airport Security X-ray machine, passport control - security
Former BAA Airport Retail Retail shops
Former BAA airport Signage
Former BAA airport Check in Check-in
Former BAA airport Aerial views
Former BAA airport Baggage Baggage carousel