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World Duty Free Estee Laude Video Compilation

ID No: 62

Production Company: Marshall Lightfoot

Production Date: 2002-04-08

Duration: 00:09:53

A series of shots of retail shops in Indianapolis and artist impression with animation of Heathrow Terminal Five. Duty Free Shopping experience. Upbeat music, real time moving footage. Footage of interior of shops.

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Arrivals & Departures Shops - arrivals and departures
Retail Gucci - retail
Retail Holland & Holland - retail
Signage Departure Gate - signs
Retail Virgin - retail
Arrivals & Departures Escalator And Lifts
Retail Promotional Area
Arrivals & Departures Lounge - arrivals and departures
Exterior View Architecture - Fountain
Retail World Duty Free - retail
Signage Welcome Sign
Retail Restaurants And Cafes - retail
Retail Bath & Body Works - retail
Signage Welcome Sign - Indianapolis
Signage Retail Sign
Retail Restaurants - retail
Retail Rip Curl - retail
Terminal 5 Terminal 5 - logo
Aircraft Aircraft Taking Off - take-off and landing
Terminal 5 Terminal 5 Interior - animation
Retail World Duty Free - Signs - retail
Signage World Duty Free - Signs
Retail Estee Laude - retail
Retail Shops & Elevators - retail
Retail World Duty Free Shopping - retail
People People Walking
Retail Giorgio Armani - retail
Retail Calvin Klein - retail