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BAA A380 Landing

ID No: 621

Production Company: Blue Dog Productions

Production Date: 2006-05-18

Duration: 02:05:32

Press conference to summarise the new developments being made to Heathrow airport to improve design, efficiency and the experience of Heathrow. Including the introduction of the new A380 aircraft and the preparation of BAA airports to receive it.

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Heathrow Pier 6, Presentation of Airbus A380 - Media
Heathrow Construction Exterior - construction
Heathrow Control Tower Air Trafffic Control
Heathrow Aircraft Airbus A380, Aircraft re-fuelling
Heathrow Conference & Events Presentation - Chief Executive
Heathrow People Addressing staff
Heathrow Aircraft BA 747 - aircraft
Heathrow Control Tower Heathrow aerial view, Control Tower
Heathrow Aircraft BA 747
Heathrow Aircraft American Airlines 747
Heathrow Transport Taxi, train, train station, car park - transport
Heathrow Aircraft Airbus A380 landing
Heathrow Aircraft Airbus A380 disembarking
Heathrow Interview Mike Clasper interview
Heathrow Gordon Brown officially opens Pier