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BAA Capital Projects (Master)

ID No: 630

Production Company: Tandem TV

Production Date: 2007-04-25

Duration: 00:12:00

Video explaining all the different expansion projects BAA has and will be undertaking at Heathrow, Former BAA Airports, Stansted & Glasgow. Includes T5, Arrivals and expansion, Heathrow East, South East Pier and the car park expansion.

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Heathrow Terminal 5 Construction BAA Employees, construction
Former BAA Airport Runway Runway Resurfacing
Former BAA Airport Construction Exterior terminal - construction
Former BAA Airport Transport Buses
Former BAA Airport Arrivals & Departures Exterior - arrivals
Former BAA Airport Car park Car Parks
Former BAA Airport Baggage Baggage handling - construction
Former BAA Airport Construction South East Pier
Glasgow Arrivals & Departures Exterior - arrivals
Heathrow Terminal 3 Construction Aerial view exterior, construction, baggage handling
Heathrow Rapid Transit
Heathrow Terminal 5 Construction Construction, interior, exterior construction, baggage reclaim
Heathrow Terminal 1 Aerial View Exterior signage, Aerial views, aircraft
Heathrow Terminal 3 Construction Signage exterior, Aerial views, Construction, BAA Employees