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Clean, Working and Friendly

ID No: 635

Production Company: TMB Marketing & Communications

Production Date: 2007-03-09

Duration: 00:02:30

Montage of BAA's clean, working & friendly policy features maintenance, staff and everyday working airports

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
BAA Corporate Aircraft BA, American Airlines aircraft
BAA Corporate People Signage, passengers, escalators through retail
BAA Corporate Transport Train, taxi
BAA Corporate Check in Check-in, passport control
BAA Corporate Aircraft Maintenance, taking-off, landing
BAA Corporate Check in Check-in, passport control, signage, baggage reclaim
BAA Corporate Airside Ops Maintenance, security, passport control, departures, gates - airside operations
BAA Corporate Arrivals & Departures Arrivals and departures, gates, signage
BAA Corporate Aircraft BA, American Airlines, Virgin aircraft on runway
BAA Corporate Arrivals & Departures Passport control, maintenance, check-in, departures
BAA Corporate Transport Elevators, escalators, travelators