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Baggage RFID Trial (Media Reel)

ID No: 658

Production Company: Tandem TV & Film LTD

Production Date: 2008-02-18

Duration: 00:05:12

Media reel showing the progress of baggage through the RFID scheme including comments from BAA Head of Development and the airline taking part in the trial

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Heathrow Terminal 3 Airside Ops Timelapse T3 concourse
Heathrow Baggage Internal view of baggage check-in
Heathrow Baggage View of bag passing through system
Heathrow Baggage Bag passing RFID scanner
Heathrow Baggage Bag loaded onto aeroplane
Heathrow Aircraft Aircraft in flight
Heathrow Baggage Bag arrival into baggage hall
Heathrow Interview Stephen Challis - Head of Product Development - interview
Heathrow Interview Vic Sheppard - Emirates Airline - interview