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BAA Aberdeen, Airport Aerials

ID No: 667

Production Company: Republic

Production Date: 2008-11-10

Duration: 00:29:00

Stock aerial footage of Aberdeen airport and its surrounding area

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Aberdeen Aerial View Surrounding area
Aberdeen Main terminal
Aberdeen Aircraft A helicopter landing
Aberdeen Aircraft Aircraft taxiing to hanger
Aberdeen Airside shot of the terminal building
Aberdeen Aerial View 360 degrees shot of airport
Aberdeen Aircraft POV shot of aircraft taxiing onto runway
Aberdeen Control Tower Control Tower
Aberdeen Signage Main external terminal signage
Aberdeen Aerial View Surrounding roads
Aberdeen Aircraft Small aircraft landing & taking-off
Aberdeen Airside Ops BP refuelling truck
Aberdeen Aerial View Road layout and arrivals
Aberdeen Control Tower 360 degree shot of the control tower
Aberdeen Aerial View Main road into Aberdeen Airport