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Southampton, Library Rushes Tape 1

ID No: 676

Production Company: tmb

Production Date: 2008-11-21

Duration: 00:35:00

Library stock footage of Southampton Airport

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Southampton Retail World Duty Free sign
Southampton Retail Sign and entrance to World Duty Free
Southampton Aircraft Aircrafts on the runway
Southampton Transport Escalators
Southampton Baggage Airside baggage loading
Southampton Aircraft Passengers boarding and aircraft
Southampton People Passengers boarding
Southampton Aircraft Aircraft taxiing
Southampton Aircraft Tail fins on taxiing aircrafts
Southampton Aircraft Flybe aircraft taxiing
Southampton Emergency Services Fire trucks leaving the depo - emergency services
Southampton Emergency Services Fire staff getting dressed in fireproof gear
Southampton Transport Bus - transport
Southampton Baggage Baggage handlers putting luggage into trucks
Southampton Exterior View Exterior shot of BAA flag
Southampton Transport Buses parked/pulling away from airport