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BAA Glasgow Airport Airside Library Rushes

ID No: 687

Production Company: Republic

Production Date: 2008-11-25

Duration: 00:46:00

Library stock footage of Glasgow Airport

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Glasgow Retail World Duty Free pay booths
Glasgow People Passengers buying items
Glasgow People Cabin Crew
Glasgow People Aircraft Pilot
Glasgow Aircraft Aer Arana aircraft in hanger
Glasgow Airside Ops Runway steps are transported to an aircraft
Glasgow Aircraft Passengers climbing runway steps and boarding an aircraft
Glasgow Airside Ops Airside vehicles drive across the runway
Glasgow Maintenance Maintenance staff on aircraft
Glasgow Aircraft BA aircraft
Glasgow Aircraft BA aircraft taxiing
Glasgow Transport Taxi vehicle
Glasgow Aircraft Staff attaching an aircraft to a taxi vehicle
Glasgow Aircraft BA aircraft taxiing
Glasgow Aircraft KLM taking-off
Glasgow Airside Ops Vehicle transports runway steps
Glasgow Airside Ops Aircraft being refuelled & topped up with supplies
Glasgow Airside Ops EasyJet aircraft being attached to a taxi vehicle
Glasgow Airside Ops Easyjet aircraft being set loose from its taxi vehicle
Glasgow Aircraft Easyjet aircraft taking off
Glasgow Control Tower Glasgow Airport control tower
Glasgow Aircraft BA taxiing past control tower
Glasgow Maintenance Refuelling truck
Glasgow Airside Ops BMI aircraft being transported to its runway position by a taxi vehicle
Glasgow Airside Ops Emirates aircraft being transported to runway
Glasgow Aircraft Emirates aircraft taxiing past Glasgow airport teminal
Glasgow People Emirates Pilot in cockpit
Glasgow Aircraft Emirates aircraft taking off