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BAA Glasgow Landside Library Rushes

ID No: 688

Production Company: Republic

Production Date: 2008-11-25

Duration: 00:49:00

Library stock of landside footage at Glasgow airport

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Glasgow Signage Main airport signage
Glasgow Exterior View External shot of terminal building
Glasgow Transport Bus pulling into drop-off point -transport
Glasgow Arrivals & Departures Passengers crossing into the terminal
Glasgow Arrivals & Departures Passengers with luggage entering the terminals
Glasgow Transport Passengers getting into taxis - transport
Glasgow Transport Multistorey car park
Glasgow Arrivals & Departures Passengers as they walk into the terminal
Glasgow Check in Check-in staff and passengers
Glasgow Baggage BAA logo on the luggage trolleys
Glasgow Check in Check-in staff and passengers
Glasgow People Passengers walking along the walkway
Glasgow Arrivals & Departures Departure boards and timelapse of passengers
Glasgow Arrivals & Departures Passengers enter the terminal building
Glasgow Security Passengers put belongings into trays at security
Glasgow Security Security staff as they check passenger trays
Glasgow Security Passengers as they queue for security
Glasgow Security Security facility
Glasgow Security Information screens in the security zone
Glasgow Arrivals & Departures Departure signage
Glasgow Baggage Baggage carousel and passengers collecting luggage