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Aberdeen Airside & Landside Library Footage

ID No: 693

Production Company: Republic

Production Date: 2008-11-25

Duration: 01:20:00

Library stock airside & landside footage of Aberdeen Airport

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Aberdeen Exterior View Exterior of terminal building
Aberdeen Signage Main airport signage
Aberdeen Arrivals & Departures Passengers checking-in
Aberdeen People Passengers walking through the terminal
Aberdeen Aircraft Aircraft taxiing on the runway
Aberdeen People Passengers and luggage as they walk through the terminal
Aberdeen Maintenance Maintenance doing pre-flight check
Aberdeen Aircraft BMI aircraft taxiing
Aberdeen Exterior View Aberdeen airport roundabout
Aberdeen Airside Ops Aircraft being refuelled
Aberdeen Aircraft BMI aircraft taking-off and landing
Aberdeen Airside Ops Luggage carrier making its way to the aircraft
Aberdeen Signage Internal directional signage
Aberdeen Arrivals & Departures Departure boards
Aberdeen Arrivals & Departures Departure lounge
Aberdeen Retail Retail section in the airport
Aberdeen Signage World Duty Free sign
Aberdeen Retail World Duty Free and passengers