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Stephen Morgan's Commitment to Safety at Heathrow

ID No: 706

Production Company: Tandem TV & Film Ltd

Production Date: 2009-08-03

Duration: 00:06:21

An address by Stephen Morgan as part of the Heathrow.Safe programme to communicate the importance od safe working at Heathrow, also delivered on-line

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Heathrow Opening montage of the airport
Heathrow Security Accient mock-up
Heathrow Interview Stephen Morgan - piece to camera
Heathrow Construction Contruction workers leavng site
Heathrow Construction Construction workers
Heathrow Heathrow Eastern Campus
Heathrow People Passengers
Heathrow Heathrow Eastern Campus
Heathrow Health & Safety Safety promises
Heathrow Health & Safety Safety requests to passengers
Heathrow Re-cap and final message - piece to camera