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ID No: 731

Production Company: TMB

Production Date: 2010-01-21

Duration: 00:05:00

A B-roll sequence of security related footage, featuring x-ray machines, metal detectors and police

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Heathrow Security Passengers entering security screening barrier
Heathrow Security Two police officers patrol inside the terminal building
Heathrow Security Passengers taking off coats, belts and going through metal detector
Heathrow Security Rail security patrol the entrance to the Heathrow train station
Heathrow Security A passenger discusses the security proceedures with security staff
Heathrow Security Two armed police officers with weapons and uniform
Heathrow Security Two police officers walk amoungst the passengers
Heathrow Security Passenger does his shoes up after security
Heathrow Security Two BAA security staff observe the x-ray machine monitors
Heathrow Security Bags and hand luggage coming out of x-ray machines
Heathrow Security Passengers walking through metal detectors and picking up their luggage on the other side
Heathrow Security Two passengers discuss the 100ml rule with security staff
Heathrow Security UK border signage and border staff at work