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The Best of BAA (Loop Tape)

ID No: 82

Production Company: Marshall Lightfoot

Production Date: 1999-06-03

Duration: 00:55:00

A loop showing a mixture of aircrafts landing, people working, shopping, architecture and World Duty Free

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Arrivals & Departures Departure Lounge - arrivals and departures
Signage Architecture And Signage
People Retail Worker - people
Retail Virgin Shop Front - retail
Retail Harrods - retail
Retail Restaurant - retail
Retail Alcohol - retail
People Airline Crew - airport workers
Baggage Luggage Trolley
Retail Rolex Shop - retail
Retail Food Court - retail
Retail Daks Exterior View - retail
Retail Studio 55 Exterior View - retail
Retail Dixons Exterior View - retail
Retail Duty Free Shopping - arrivals and departures
In Flight Trolley Packaging Warehouse - airport general
Aircraft Plane Taxiing - aircraft - action
Hand Held Computer - airport
Retail Duty Free Merchandise - airport - retail
Computer Screen
Aircraft Plane Taxiing - aircraft - action
World Spinning With BAA Logo - animated sequence