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BAA Group Retail (Revised With Captions)

ID No: 94

Production Company: Marshall Lightfoot

Production Date: 2001-09-03

Duration: 00:04:31

Footage covers Duty Free shopping, people shopping, terminal buildings, restaurants - mellow music

Shot list
Airport Terminal Category Description
Signage Welcome Sign
Flags - sustainability
Retail Nike Factory - retail
Transport Car Park - transport
Retail Polo Ralph Lauren - retail
Retail Retail Flags - sustainability
People Pedestrian Crossing - people
Retail Yves Saint Laurent - retail
Retail Timberland - retail
Signage Directional Sign
Retail Shopping Mall - retail
Retail Versace Company Store - retail
Retail Etro - retail
Retail Dolce & Gabbana - retail
Retail Fila Clothing - retail
Signage Retail Signs
Transport Terminal and Car Park - transport
Transport Architecture - Escalators
Retail PGA Tour Shop - retail
Retail Hoosier Country Store - retail
Signage Information Sign
Arrivals & Departures Stairs
Retail Salvatore Ferragamo - retail
Transport Entrance To Car Park - transport
Transport Car Hire Company - transport
Retail World Of Duty Free - retail
Retail Estee Laude - retail
People Retail Workers - people
Retail Alcohol - retail
Transport Bus - Transport
Retail World Duty Free Shop - retail